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BET Awards Final Cypher was All I Need (c) Meth & Mary October 28, 2009

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Gooood Gawd!

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Jay Electronica is better than you…

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SHEEEEEEEESH! If you ever needed a reason to wonder why Jay Electronica is better than you, here is proof. Click pic for stream/download….SHEEEEEEEEEESH!

Jay Electronica-pic

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Produced by Just Blaze

Shouts to illroots.com for the link


The Meaning of Michael… Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty. September 10, 2009

Click album cover for download

Click album cover for download

So, as you all may know, I am a patron of the arts when it comes to music. It’s pretty much my life. When Michael Jackson passed, I was super sad. I bought every Michael Jackson tribute magazine. I DVR’d the funeral. I watched it online at work. I stood outside in line outside the Apollo. It was serious. I cried. HARD. So on top of all this emotion, you have different artists, DJ’s and fans releasing Michael Jackson tributes. I honestly felt like it was rushed. I was ready to hear something that had thought involved. And I got it. When I found out one of my favorite DJ’s was releasing his Michael Jackson mix, I got excited. I know that he had the same love for Mike as I did. At the Prince v. Michael party (Halloween 2007) we were GOING IN for Mike. He DJ’ing on the Mike side. I dressed as Janet from the Pleasure Principle video. (LOL).

So I got home for Labor Day, and went out to kick it with the homies and of course he was DJ-ing. Towards the end of the night, he asked if we wanted to come through and listen to the final copy of the mix. I like-ta passed out. We got to the lair (what we call the basement area where the magic happens), and it started. THE BEST 62 MINUTES OF MUSIC I’VE HEARD IN A WHILE. All Michael, all the time. *sigh* *swoon* and all-a-dat.

This is by far one of the most thoughtful, well done, and well-organized Michael Jackson DJ experiences I’ve had in a while. And I want to present it to you. Cause I love ya’ll. And I know you will appreciate it just as much.

Big ups to MY favorite DJ. DJ LIMELIGHT.

DJ Limelight x Stuff Fly People Like x Got Sole? Sneaker Boutique Present….

The Meaning of Michael

I hope you will enjoy this just as much as I did.


I’M GOOD!!! August 19, 2009

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I swear, I LOVE this song…Truly a Summer Anthem.Look for a Play Cloths blog coming soon for the mens…

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Online Shopping 101 August 13, 2009

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woman computer

As someone who has shopped online and via catalog for a LONG while, it’s surprising how many people do NOT shop online! 😦 Living in a world of such advanced technology, I do not understand how people do not use online shopping to their advantage. When I’ve asked people why they choose not to, the number one answer is usually: “I like to try stuff on.” While that is all well and true, there is nothing wrong with trying it out…just once. After having several conversations with friends, I thought it would be smart to put together a short list of things I consider when buying things online. I’m sure some of these ideas will help those who have onlineshopping-itis.

1. Start with stores you are familiar with. I think this is really important for those who have not delved into shopping online. If you are an avid Banana Republic shopper, I am sure you know what size you wear, how most things are cut, etc. Trying picking up something you have purchased or seen in the past, and try it out to test the waters. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always return it to the store for something else. 😉

2. Be sure to read the online store’s return policy This rings especially true for those online sample sales I love to hit up so much. Some only accept returns for credit and some may give you a full return with or without shipping costs. What works for you will depend on whether you did or did not like the online store you chose – If it is a store you would be willing to buy something from again, store credit may not be too bad. However, if the return has something to do with customer service, or the quality of the garment or accessory, you may want to order from somewhere with a full return policy. Either way, and for your safety, it is always best to know what a store’s return policy is. It is highly unlikely that you want to be stuck with something you are not happy with.

3. Be sure to check out the sizing charts. For those women or men who may be hard to fit, it is necessary to check out sizing charts. If it is a store you are familiar with, this may be easy to work with. If it is a store you are a little unfamiliar with, be sure to check sizing charts and measure yourself. It would suck to be stuck with something that doesn’t fit well. This point brings me to my next tip…

4. If in doubt, size up! Since I consider myself one of those women who are “hard to fit,” I frequently buy things a size or two larger than what I would normally buy. I have a couple of really good tailors I use fomr time to time, and it is better to get larger clothes altered to fit the way you like, than to be stuck with something that does not fit all. In general, I’m an avid user of tailoring services, and try to get most of my clothing tailored to fit they way I like.

5. Be aware of shipping rates. Shipping seems to be the biggest turn off for most people reluctant to delve into the online shopping world. It’s true that you could go to a store, purchase something and not have to worry about anything besides tax. However, if you think about the time and convenience factor, I think its a win-win situation. You can shop at whatever hour of the day you want – I like to shop at 3 a.m. 🙂 – and you have the luxury of doing it quicker than you could get to a mall/store, look for something you like, try it on, etc. The biggest perk of online shopping is the convenience. And who doesn’t like to come home to a package waiting for you? 🙂

6. Look for online coupon codes! Any time I’m ready to make a purchase at any of my favorite online boutiques, I always do a google search for “(Name of store) coupon codes.” You would be amazed at some of the things you can find: free shipping, percentages off, buy one get on free deals. The internet is your portal to a lot of significant things. Use it!

Below are a few of my favorite online shopping sites as well as invitation links to some of my favorite invite-only sample sales.

Shop Bop
The Out Net
Revolve Clothing
Karma Loop
Beauty Choice
Rue La La
Gilt Groupe


New Slum Village “Acting Normal”

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Rest in Peace Baatin.Directed by Dwele

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Indy’s Robin Hood has landed… August 4, 2009

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Although I’ve moved away from home, it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t ride for/support my local artists. This rings especially true for people who I’ve supported for a LONG time. So readers, I present to you, my brother Jase!

Click Cover for Download Link

Click Cover for Download Link

A DOPEcouture exclusive, Alpha.Live + CMART present to you, ‘Steal from the Rich’.

Full review to come later…in the meanwhile, just do what’s good for you and cop this for the FREE. http://www.alphaisforever.com